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To the Core

Benton Galgay may play records, but he's got his own ideas about what it means to be a DJ. First off, there are very few new artists he's into spinning. And when he does wax au courant, it's on behalf of labels such as Sublime Frequencies, Needless Records, or RVNG of the NRDS, Turntable Lab, and Dublab, rather than any individual act. In fact, when Galgay was general manager at WVUM, he teamed with Turntable Lab on numerous occasions, and turned PS 14 into a de facto broadcast booth for that outfit's music. What might be even odder about the White Plains-raised Galgay is that he's most fond of No Wave. For the unschooled, that's a short-lived, yet highly influential school of late-'70s/early'80s New York noisemakers which began with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and James Chance and the Contortions, and pretty much ended with Liquid Liquid, Konk, and the 99 Records collective. And when Galgay's not reeling with that racket, he's into prog-pop like the Alan Parsons Project and Gary Wright, which is just the kind of music that aforementioned racket was in part formed to protest.

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Wood Tavern

2531 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL

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