Fleetwood Mac

8:00 p.m. December 19
BB&T Center
1 Panther Parkway Sunrise, FL

Price: $75.25-$175.25

Photo by Neal Preston

The term "hipster" is one that has evolved from a benign adjective used by grandmas and square folk to describe those with an inclination toward the arts and the off-kilter to a derogatory term of implied arrogance. Somewhere in the gray of it are young people who hop trends with little rhyme or reason and strive to completely embody whatever specific artistic existence they've appropriated for the moment. Some examples include the posthardcore folkie, the post-death-metal-noise "musician," the person who graduates from twinkling indie-pop to Sigur Rós records — the paths are many, and the hip are legion. Generally speaking, of course, one thing these people all share is a lack of reverence for the classics or anything that could be considered even moderately plebeian. A few artists, however, appear to transcend this phenomenon, and Fleetwood Mac is one of them. Maybe it's the fact that hip girls love gussying up like Stevie Nicks in pseudo-occult jewelry and dark garb sourced from only the darkest bandwidth of Etsy? Maybe it's those infectious melodies that defy genre? Whatever the reason, Fleetwood Mac is a classic band that hip folk still get into. If you're really hip (like, one of those people who writes off anything the Stones did after Brian Jones' death), you might only like the Peter Green era -- but, no matter what, you still like Fleetwood Mac.

David Von Bader



BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway Sunrise, FL

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