F&B Fridays @ The Bass

8:00 p.m. every Fri.
Bass Museum of Art
2100 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL

Price: Free-$10

Laughable Art

After a soul-withering week of working with your boss’ puss peering over your shoulder, it’s finally Friday at quitting time — and that means blowing off steam with some alcohol and laughs. But you won’t have to visit your neighborhood comedy club or squirm in a greasy seat while a stranger dumps on your lack of culture to get the cackles flowing. Instead, head to F@B Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Bass Museum of Art (2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach), which will host an improv night offering wage slaves plenty to laugh about at one of the many improv stations throughout the building’s galleries. The Bass hopes to loosen those inhibitions by flooding the joint with complimentary cocktails by Rex Goliath and handing out prizes to the more creative types during its interactive fun fest, which promises to transform even the most sober types into genial cutups. For inspiration, look no further than Mat Collishaw’s gut-busting pictures of final meals served to Texas death row inmates, or the naughty Brit’s battered blossoms, reminiscent of wearisome workplace degradations — the same ones you won’t have to endure for a whole two days. Afterward, when you’re running low on jokes, mosey over to the Bass’s Egyptian Gallery, where the museum’s headlining mummy, who was recently rescued from mothballs after languishing in storage, still delivers a moldy punch line. Admission costs $10 for nonmembers and is free for members. Call 305-673-7530 or visit bassmuseum.org.

Carlos Suarez De Jesus



Bass Museum of Art

2100 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL

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