"Visionary Metropolis"

Portfolio plate, Les hauts-fourneaux (Blast Furnaces), from Une cité industrielle: étude pour la construction des villes by Tony Garnier, 1917. The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, XC1991.480


Aug. 13-Jan. 29 2017

Location Info:

The Wolfsonian-FIU
1001 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL  33139
With the possibility of electing either a woman or a reality TV star to the highest U.S. office this year, it’s clear that whatever path we take, we’re living in “the future.” And it's about time. Ever since humans have existed, we've been fascinated with predicting and analyzing the times ahead of us. The Wolfsonian-FIU (1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) takes a look at this obsession — with an eye to the past. The museum's exhibition "Visionary Metropolis" showcases French architect Tony Garnier's Une Cité Industrielle. The illustrations he drafted at the turn of the last century showed his concept of a truly "modern city." Between 1904 and 1917, he planned out a harmonious urban environment, with attention paid to the social and environmental needs of our species and the natural world. Using his reason, Garnier demonstrated how we can live in a forward-thinking city that doesn't destroy the Earth. Perhaps our presidential candidates could take a cue or two from the messages conveyed in this "Visionary Metropolis." The exhibit will be on view this Saturday through January 29, 2017. Call 305-531-1001 or visit wolfsonian.org.
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