"The Politics of -Isms"

"The Politics of -Isms"

Courtesy of The Wolfsonian-FIU


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The Wolfsonian-FIU
1001 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL  33139
Sure, the political climate seems like an all-consuming firenado right now. But in the wise words of the rock-piano god Billy Joel, “We didn’t start the fire.” Nope. Though many angry, doe-eyed Bernie-or-busters act like this is the first and last U.S. presidential election, the Wolfsonian-FIU (1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) is here with "The Politics of -Isms" to remind us that, to paraphrase, the fire has been burning since the world has been turning. The library installation will showcase historic ephemera that explore real-world problems such as fascism, some debatable economic endeavors like communism, and something to appeal to your inner egalitarian, socialism. The exhibition will show how these movements have shaped 20th-century elections and campaigns. It is inspired by another show, "Thoughts on Democracy: Freedom to Vote 2016," which will open at the Wolf August 26, offering historical perspective on the elections by presenting posters by four contemporary artists inspired by Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms paintings. The designers unveiling artwork this election cycle are Mirko Ilic, Oliver Munday, Paul Sahre, and Bonnie Siegler, and each will take on the American voting process. Let's hope these shows will inspire all of us South Floridians to brave the heat and get out the vote. "The Politics of -Isms" runs Thursday, August 18, through January 22, 2017. Call 305-531-1001 or visit wolfsonian.org.
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