Liane Sippin Textural Installation


Mon., Oct. 3 and Thu., Oct. 13 2016

Location Info:

FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios
420 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach, FL  33139
August 29, 2016-October 13, 2016 TEXTURAL is a presentation of projects sampled from recent works of interdisciplinary design practice GELPI Projects. Various works are presented in large format somewhere between full scale detail and extra-large representations. An arrangement of typical media will be presented against a backdrop of large scale installations sampling the varieties of physical attributes such as size shape and arrangement of parts forming the various textures from six recent works. Projects are featured as an immersive set of details, obscuring the familiar scale of conventional representations, inviting the observer to explore the works physically, blurring two- and three-dimensional media. GELPI Projects is a design firm whose work is categorized by a devotion to material details, and innovative experiments of scale. GELPI Projects: Nick Gelpi, Dean McMurry, Alvaro Membreno, Jorge Rodriguez


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