Synergism: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin

Synergism: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin

Ekaterina and Victor Khromin


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$5; free to MOCA members and North Miami residents
The matching baseball caps that you and your bae designed for each other this past Valentine's Day are très cute, but we can agree they aren't museum material. Your next dynamic-duo project can take some inspiration from Victor and Ekaterina Khromin, whose collaborative paintings are being introduced at their new exhibit, "Synergism." The Russian-born artists became professionals independently, and both opposed Soviet censorship in their careers, leading them to immigrate to the United States in search of free expression. Their work, which explores representation, abstraction, and minimalism, will be celebrated with an opening reception this week. 11 a.m. Thursday at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, 770 NE 125th St., North Miami; 305-893-6211; Admission is free for museum members and North Miami residents and costs $5 for nonresidents.
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