Portrait of Myself as My Father

<i>Portrait of Myself as My Father</i>

Elise Fitte-Duval


Past Event
With race relations in the United States at a boil, choreographer Nora Chipaumire’s visceral take on the black experience packs a punch. Her upcoming performance, Portrait of Myself as My Father, imagines the life of an African man under colonial rule. The Brooklyn-based Chipaumire, born in Zimbabwe, personally experienced the fallout of culture clashes that happened on African soil. Here, she takes on the persona of her deceased father, whom she never really knew. She sets him in a boxing ring to fight for himself — against cultural oppression, his own demons, the weight of history, and the burdens of family ties. She describes the piece as a manifesto on the sacrifice of the black African male. Like most of her work, Portrait of Myself as My Father is unflinching in its critiques, but not without humor. Chipaumire will take the stage with Senegalese dancer Pape Ibrahiima Ndiaye (AKA Kaolack) and Jamaican-born Shamar Watt for the show, running this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at Miami Light Project (404 NW 26th St., Miami). Tickets cost $30. Call MDC Live Arts at 305-237-3010 or visit mdclivearts.org.


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