#MiamiWalks: Arts & Culture On the Move!

#MiamiWalks: Arts & Culture On the Move!

#MiamiWalks 2017 Art Days Tours Flyer


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Miami Downtown Development Authority
200 S. Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL  33131
During the Miami Downtown Development Authority‘s annual Art Days Weekend 2017, residents of all ages throughout greater Miami are invited to experience the global walking movement called Jane’s Walk. On Saturday, Oct. 14th neighborhoods within the Miami DDA’s boundaries – including Brickell, Downtown, and Omni – are going to feature several free, citizen-led walking tours where attendees can actively connect with friends and neighbors outdoors, while engaging in conversations with one another and learning more about the ways arts & culture have and will impact the area. These kind of walks, inspired by a writer and activist from the 1960s named Jane Jacobs, have engaged tens of thousands of people all over the world in 200+ cities since 2007. Earlier in 2017 Jane’s Walk (aka #MiamiWalks) held 7 unique walking tours across Miami which 75+ residents attended, and we’re looking forward to meeting lots of new people! Here’s the basic schedule, with full details on each walk in links: *10/14 Morning (10:00 to 11:30am) – Brickell with a new walk leader TBA (Learn more @ tiny.cc/artdaystour1) *10/14 Afternoon (2:00 to 3:30pm) – Downtown with CHAT South Florida (Learn more @ tiny.cc/artdaystour2) *10/14 Evening (6:00 to 7:30pm) – Omni with Kathryn from Influence Communications (Learn more @ tiny.cc/artdaystour3) Special thanks to the Miami DDA for their support, and to our community partners: Well of Ancient Mysteries, Transit Alliance Miami, Linda Fabrics, Downtown Media Center Miami, #Avenue3, Overtown Performing Arts Center – OPAC, CCEMiami, Micro Theater Miami, Unconventional


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