Mary Halvorson

Peter Gannushkin

Critics call her a singular talent, the most impressive guitarist of her generation. Halvorson has been steadily reshaping the sound of jazz guitar with her elastic, wholly unique style. One of improvised music's most-in-demand guitarists, Mary Halvorson has been active in New York since 2002. She has performed with Anthony Braxton, Marc Ribot, Jessica Pavone, Myra Melford, Taylor Ho Bynum and Trevor Dunn, among others. In addition to her solo work and sessions with other musicians Halvorson is also a bandleader of several groups. Halvorson "is just as likely to pick out intricate, harmonically and melodically complex lines of stunning beauty as she is to unleash a violent spray of atonal, harshly distorted six-string noise. — Richard Bienstock, Rolling Stone


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