2016-08-29 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. every Mon.
varies by dish

Location Info:

STK Miami Beach
2305 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL  33139
You're at STK Steakhouse on the Beach grooving to the music. The waiter brings out your bone-in rib steak, done medium rare, just the way you like it. You sit down to dig in when you hear your favorite 80's tune and then you're on your feet again, dancing, the steak waiting for the music to slow down long enough for you to take a bite. DJ Obscene, resident spinmeister at STK, says the customers' energy and response to his music that keeps him working those beloved '70s, '80s, and '90s dance tunes. The self taught DJ, who started DJing at 14, says it's all about research, following his ear, and watching the crowd. "I look around to see who's singing along, dancing..." To him it's about exploring the music, taking diners on a journey while looking for cues from the crowd. "I've learned to love the '80's; they represent a great time in music when you had a little bit of everything; funk, soul, disco, rock, new wave and hip-hop." And people can relate, as the requests come in, he works them into the set. Happy diners beg for more. But with diners dancing, what happens to the meal? We've all heard that music is often used as a marketing tool. A study done by Tufts University shows diners eat according to the beats of the music. With no music, participants ate at 3.9 bites per minute while with "spirited tunes," they sped up to an average of 5.1 bites per minute. The upbeat tempo helps turn tables faster, while a slower beat will keep guests around ordering more food. Others believe that if a diner is eating fast he or she will finish before the brain has registered that the stomach is full, making a dessert order likely. Whichever it is, the owners of STK are not concerned. DJ Obscene's music keeps guests around and ordering all night long.
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