Lincoln Road Farmers Market

Location Info:

Lincoln Road Mall
Between Alton and the Ocean
Miami Beach, FL  33139
To your delight, the temperature has finally fallen below 70 degrees, and you’re happier than a gold digger at the Delano. Look at you, stripping the mothballs off your wool coat with glee, shining up those knee-high riding boots you copped on sale last year, and fluffing up that fur-lined beret. Today, while you’re celebrating the arrival of a new season, rejoice in something else that makes South Florida living so great: the Lincoln Road Farmers Market. You’ll find a spectacular display of fruits, veggies, fresh flowers and plants, bread, honey, jams, and other items that people around the country have to buy indoors.

From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each Sunday, you can stroll past rows and rows of locals pushing their fresh wares, forgetting that you’re in the tropics. Until 2 p.m., when the unforgiving sun starts to turn up the heat.
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