League of Legends National Championship

Calling all League of Legends players! Super League Gaming’s second season of League of Legends City Champs is kicking off on July 31st, and players of all skill levels have an opportunity to compete as a member of the Miami Menace! In order to secure your spot on the amateur eSports team, be sure to participate in the online qualifiers taking place from Friday, July 21st to Monday, July 24th. If you top the leaderboards, you’ll be selected to join the team of 60, represent your city, and connect with other League of Legends players as you compete on the big screen. The national, intercity competition will pit the Miami Menace against 11 other teams from around the country for the chance to become the League of Legends City Champs national champion! Members of the national championship winning team will receive a trophy, a jacket, a triumphant Ryze skin and 5800 Riot Points for in-game purchases. Come out to your local Cinemark Paradise 24 and XD theatre, play your favorite game and champions in a new “League Unlocked” mode, and make new friends – all while representing the Miami Menace!


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