Eight-Course Omakase Dinner


2016-10-22 04:00:00

Location Info:

Blade Sushi
4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL  33140
There are dinner dates, and there are dinner dates. Then there is Blade Sushi's omakase dinner date. The reborn purveyor of raw fish inside the Fontainebleau Miami Beach now offers an eight-course omakase dinner, created new each day by master sushi chef Deden "Benny" Bandi.

What eight courses? Well, that's the thing. "Omakase" means "to entrust." And that means you have to trust Chef Benny to knock the socks off your taste buds with an array of the day's best fish, shellfish, and veggies, both raw and cooked. A couple of hints, though: Among the eight courses could be some menu favorites, such as the Blade roll (marinated salmon, fresh mozzarella, spicy mayo, and fried garlic) or the Vida roll (chopped hamachi, asparagus, ooba leaf, wasabi tobiko, and serrano chili).

You don't just shovel the food into your mouth. The omakase dinner is offered only at the ten-seat sushi bar, where you can watch Chef Benny create the dishes that you will then shovel into your mouth. The whole thing will set you back $98 per person, and you have to make rezzies 24 hours in advance. But, after all, this ain't no been-there-done-that dinner date.


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