“Black Gold”

Rolando Peña


Sept. 15-Nov. 13 2016
From gas at the pump to plastics and paint, the scope of petroleum’s influence on modern life is easy to underestimate. If you need a reminder, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art (770 NE 125th St., North Miami), where Rolando Peña has constructed shining monuments to dirty crude. In "Black Gold," the Venezuelan artist gives credit — or assigns blame — where it’s due, using gold-painted oil drums as building blocks in a variety of works, from a tunnel to a floating constellation. The show also features projections, lasers, and a photo diary, reflecting a multimedia approach to an omnipresent commodity. “Everything in our civilization... has to do with crude oil,” Peña says. “There’s more money in that than cocaine.” Peña has been exploring oil through art since the ’70s, and his commentary on it goes back even further: The first photo in his diary is of him as a kid at Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo, adding his own golden stream to a mother lode from which so much black gold has flowed. The exhibition runs this Thursday through November 13. Admission costs $5, or $3 for students and seniors. An artist reception will take place September 22 at 7 p.m.; admission is $10 for nonmembers and free for museum members and North Miami residents with ID. Visit mocanomi.org or call 305-893-6211.


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