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  • Airboat in Everglades

    17696 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33194
    888-893-4443 Living in a concrete jungle, there are some days when you just want to wild out, wilderness style. Lucky for us, the Everglades is at our doorstep, so there's always an opportunity to get your adventure on. Hitch a ride with Airboat in Everglades, and you'll get up close and personal with birds, gators, fish, mangroves and all kinds of other flora and fauna -- much of it unique to the famous "River of Grass." Semi private rides are more affordable, and you share the flat-bottomed boat with a few new friends. Then there are the private rides, and when the boat's all yours, you can instruct the captain on your riding style. Fast and furious, or slow and steady. It ain't cheap, but the best things never are. Besides, how can you put a price on Mother Nature's wonders? More >>

  • Aquaknots Dive Center

    Aquaknots Dive Center

    140 Red Road Miami, FL 33144
    305-545-9000 If you're looking to make like Ariel and spend some serious time underwater, it's tough to choose a dive shop from the multitudes across Miami. But Aquaknots Dive Center is a shining beacon. This small, locally-owned shop has gear for any and every budget, from masks to spear guns to fins and everything else under the sea. They also offer dive classes in English and Spanish, so you've got options whatever your language of comfort. More >>

  • Big Five Tennis Club

    9299 Southwest 7 Terrace Miami, FL 33174

  • Club De Cazadores Cubanos

    Club De Cazadores Cubanos

    17601 SW 8th St. West Dade, FL 33194
    305-665-1469 Sometimes, you just need to let off a little steam. And what better way than by shooting at inanimate objects? Hell, it was good enough for Hemingway, back in the day, who shot trap, skeet and Flyers. Little Havana's Club de Cazadores Cubanos dates back more than 90 years. And they honor tradition. Members go out on regularly scheduled trap and skeet shoots, and the club hosts ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) competitions. A recreational slice of Miami history - there's nothing else like it around. More >>

  • Everglades Safari Park

    26700 SW Eighth St. Miami, FL 33194

  • FIU Stadium (Modesto Maidique campus)

    11200 SW Eighth St. Miami, FL 33199

  • FIU University Park Soccer Stadium

    11200 Southwest 8th St. Miami, FL 33199-0002

  • Shark Valley

    36000 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33194

  • Trail Glades Gun Range

    Trail Glades Gun Range

    17650 SW Eighth St. West Dade, FL 33194
    305-226-1823 Shooting inanimate targets is the best use of any firearm, in our humble opinion. And at the Trail Glades Gun Range, there are a whole host of options for sport shooters to fire away. They've got ranges in a whole host of lengths for pistols, rifles and the like - plus six trap-and-skeet fields. They also offer safe shooter classes (always a wise choice) and field rentals for law enforcement officials to stay on top of their game. There are few pastimes more stress-relieving than target practice. More >>

  • Tropical Park Tennis Courts

    7900 SW 40th St. Miami, FL 33155
    786-224-1500 In addition to the 27,459 other leisure activities you can engage in at Southwest Miami's sprawling Tropical Park - there's also tennis. The Tropical Park Tennis Courts include 12 lighted courts plus 8 for racquetball. They offer tennis camps and lessons for kids - plus grown-up training, too. And if you're embarassed by your lack of a backswing, you can always book some private lessons. All in all, this is a hell of a place to hit a few balls without engaging in onerous wait times or other annoyances. More >>

  • U.S. Century Bank Arena

    11200 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33199