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  • AeroJet Dade Supply Depot

    SR-9336 Homestead, FL 33034

  • Bee Heaven Farm - Pikarco

    SW 187TH Ave. & SW 264TH St. Homestead, FL 33031

  • Beginning of the line: Wal-Mart

    Beginning of the line: Wal-Mart

    33501 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33034

  • Dixie Adult Book & Video

    27338 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33032

  • The Farm at Verde Gardens

    12690 SW 280th St. Homestead, FL 33032

  • Farm Share Headquarters

    Farm Share Headquarters

    14125 SW 320th Street Homestead, FL 33033

  • Knaus Berry Farm

    Knaus Berry Farm

    15980 SW 248th St. Homestead, FL 33031
    305-247-0668 Knaus Berry Farm's cinnamon rolls and strawberry milkshakes are the stuff of Dade County legend. Moms, grandpas, puppy dogs, the deeply hungover and everyone else under the South Florida sun has hauled it down to Homestead and waited on a seemingly endless line for the pleasure of some Knaus goodies. Not to mention their U-pick strawberries, homemade breads and fresh-picked produce. This bakery slash farmstand is Mennonite-run, so Sundays are a no-go, but the trek down any other day of the week in season is well worth it. Knaus Berry Farm opens in November and closes in April. More >>

  • Phil's Berry Farm

    13955 SW 248th St. Homestead, FL 33032

  • Redland's Farmers Market

    U.S. 1 Princeton, FL 33032

  • Robert Is Here

    Robert Is Here

    19200 SW 344th St. Homestead, FL 33034
    305-246-1592 While hiking it to Homestead may seem like a chore, it's well worth it for a stop at Robert Is Here. This farmstand slash petting zoo slash milkshake shop is an iconic outpost. Indulge in a mamey or banana milkshake, browse home-made jams and jellies, and visit the critters wandering around out back. Fresh produce, country air and frequent live music will keep you coming back. More >>

  • Royal Palm Grill

    806 N. Krome Ave. Homestead, FL 33030

    When you walk into this down-home drugstore diner, you'll feel like you stepped through a time portal. And when you open the menu, you'll think you're looking at the contents of the time capsule you buried in high school -- the prices seem like they're 15 years old. The space is small, but the food is tremendously good. When you're in the mood for some authentic homestyle American food, this joint does not disappoint. A good way to start is with breakfast, whose menu section takes up about two whole pages. Try the Royal breakfast ($5.29), which comes with two pancakes or two slices of French toast plus two eggs and four bacon strips or sausage links or two sausage patties. You can also substitute home fries for the eggs or the meat -- the royal court is very accommodating. If you stop by late in the day, don't worry -- breakfast is always available. But let's say you're in the mood for lunch. The Plain Jane burger ($4.99), served on a Kaiser roll, is the way to go. Judging by the price, you'd think fries would be extra, but hand-cut spuds are included, as are tomato, onion, lettuce, and a pickle spear. The people are always friendly, the prices are always good, and the place is always packed. The only downside is you might have to wait for a seat. More >>

  • St. John’s Parish Thrift Shop

    192 NE 11th St. Homestead, FL 33030

  • TeenasPride CSA

    20025 SW 270th St. Homestead, FL 33031

  • Three Sisters Farm

    18401 SW 248th St. Homestead, FL 33031

  • Valero

    961 W. Palm Dr. Florida City, FL 33034

  • Verde Gardens

    12690 SW 280th St. Homestead, FL 33033

  • Wal-Mart

    33501 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33034

  • Winn-Dixie Store #319

    30346 Old Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33033