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  • Adelita

    Adelita's Cafe

    2699 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33137
    305-576-1262 Honduran cuisine is far from sophisticated, but the homey renditions at this café/market are a strong reminder that sometimes the simplest eating is the most satisfying. Numerous generically Latin American items -- like the ever-present churrasco -- are available, but much of the menu is a Honduras Greatest Hits list for curious foodies. Must-haves include baleadas, thick homemade flour tortillas filled with full-flavor refried beans plus two cheeses and topped with a healthy heap of shredded cabbage salad and fresh chimol salsa; and sopa de caracol, a coconut milk-enriched seafood soup packed with shrimp, conch, fish, and shell-on crab. Admittedly Adelita's exterior is a bit forbidding, but the two rooms inside have the friendly, festive feel of a well-loved neighborhood hangout, and the hours (early morning to late night, daily) as well as the prices are user-friendly; spending more than 10 bucks per person would be a struggle. More >>

  • Graffe Cafe

    2400 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127

  • Kartell

    155 NE 40th St. Miami, FL 33137

  • Miam Cafe & Boutique

    2750 NW 3rd Avenue Miami, FL 33127

  • The Morgan

    The Morgan's Restaurant

    28 NE 29th St. Miami, FL 33137