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Do Not Sit on the Furniture

Do Not Sit on the Furniture

The philosophy of this beat-freak hangout is right there in the name: If you're sitting, you're not dancing, and dancing is the whole point. House heads have come to love the no-nonsense atmosphere in a space that's both charming and imaginative.


True EDM animals who've graduated from festival-ready anthems know that Trade brings the best in progressive, deep, and techie house music that real fans want to hear.
The Stage

The Stage

A venue with plenty of room to dance and a stage that's hosted Miami's finest, there's always bands rocking out here, and local performers have named it as one of their favorite places to play at.

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  • Bar Louie

    Bar Louie

    3201 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127

  • Brick House

    187 NW 28th St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Churchill

    Churchill's Pub

    5501 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137
    305-757-1807 Miami is sorely lacking in decent rock clubs, so Churchill's is home to many a scruffy punker who is too real for South Beach. A pair of pool tables, a large room for bands, and a sizable outdoor patio help house the mainland rock faithful. Read more about Churchill's Pub >>

  • Club 56

    5660 NW 7th Ave. Miami, FL 33127

  • Corner Nightclub

    195 NW 36th St. Miami, FL 33127-3107

  • The Dugout Sports Bar

    3215 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137

  • El Bajareque Bar

    278 NW 36th St. Miami, FL 33127

    El Bajareque is a diamond in the rough. This family-run restaurant offers huge portions of freshly made Puerto Rican cuisine - including appetizers, soups, and desserts as authentic as they come - at seriously low prices. Try the authentic Borinquen appetizers, such as alcapurrias ($1.50), which consist of ground beef stuffed in dough made from plantains and starchy tubers and then deep-fried. Or check out the pasteles ($2): pork chunks wrapped in plantain dough. And you cannot visit without trying the empanadas ($1), available with choice of beef, pork, shrimp, or chicken. The shrimp empanadas are so good you might want to order a dozen to go. Entrées include bistec encebollado - a zesty steak smothered in cooked onions - and the extremely popular pollo a la plancha, an enormous flattened chicken breast that oozes a lime-rich marinade with every bite. Both dishes cost a measly $6.50 each, as do most of the other dinner entrées and daily specials. The stuffed and savory sandwiches (pork, steak, chicken, midnight, and Cuban) run between $3 and $4. But the best part of eating at El Bajareque is the service. From the kitchen to the table, the Palenzuela-Fernandez family treats you as one of its own. Don't be surprised if you end up on a first-name basis with the entire clan before it's time to order the delectable arroz con leche ($1.50), a perfect incarnation of rice pudding. Read more about El Bajareque Bar >>

  • Gavanna


    10 NE 40th St. Miami, FL 33137
    305-573-1321 This semi-hidden, high-end club in the Design District offers the sophisticated debauchery tourists dream about year round. With events like lingerie parties, tequila chambas, and headline DJ afterparties, Gavanna's nightlife programming brings a sexy allure to an emerging couture neighborhood. Read more about Gavanna >>

  • Gramps


    176 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127
    786-752-6693 In addition to the air conditioning, cold beer and cocktails as their entrance advertises, Wynwood's Gramps is home to lots more. Like rock acts on the regular, DJs spinning vinyl and plenty of dance space. Plus occasional gator shows. And lots of dark nooks and crannies for whatever else you might want to get into. Frankly, we don't know how Wynwood ever survived without this kindly old gentleman. Read more about Gramps >>

  • Gravity Brewbar

    299 NW 25th St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Hurricane Grill & Wings

    Hurricane Grill & Wings

    3201 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127
    305-576-7133 The highlight of Hurricane Grill & Wings is the seemingly endless choice of sauces - 32, to be exact - that flavor the wings. They are broken down into groups ranging from category one (mild) to category five (seek shelter) and include flavors as varied as barbecue, Jamaican jerk, and "ridiculously hot hurricane sauce." It might sound a little gimmicky, but the sauces aren't bad. Wings - boneless and otherwise - are sold in ten, 15, 20, and 50 piece platters ($10 to $40). The menu also includes a large selection of appetizers such as smoked fish dip ($9) and nachos and cheese dip ($7), as well as sandwiches ($8 to $10), salads ($4 to $10), burgers ($8 to $9), and seafood ($11). Add to that a solid selection of beers and microbrews - from Corona to Purple Haze - and flat-screen TVs, and this Midtown Shops outpost of the Fort Pierce chain becomes a great place to watch sports in an area with few options for that. Read more about Hurricane Grill & Wings >>

  • Kryogenifex

    121 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Lagniappe


    3425 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137
    305-576-0108 It's about time Miami got a bit of the Big Easy. At the Design District's Lagniappe, New Orleans-style wine and beer bar, you can choose from more than 100 vinos, nosh on simple, tasty food and take it all in on a gorgeous terrace. With nightly live music in the vein of jazz, soul, folk, blues or bluegrass, it's easy to feel like you're somewhere else. Somewhere a lot more bayou-esque than beachy. Read more about Lagniappe >>

  • The Mezzanine

    297 NW 23rd St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Midtown Sports Bar

    Midtown Sports Bar

    195 NW 36th St. Miami, FL 33127

    Midtown Sports Bar sits on a corner lot with hand-painted murals of Miami sports mascots on the walls: Sebastian the Ibis and our famous teal dolphin greet guests before they enter. Inside this rare and much-appreciated sports mecca are pool tables, darts, cheap drinks, and loud music. The large, L-shaped bar itself is worthy of recognition; it is stacked to the rafters (literally) with every drink imaginable. There is no over-the-top sleekness or repetitive chain branding; this place stays true to its watering-hole allure. Read more about Midtown Sports Bar >>

  • The News Lounge

    The News Lounge

    5580 NE 4th Court Miami, FL 33137
    305-758-9932 This lounge is slowly becoming Miami's hangout mecca for local artists, musicians, pro skateboarders, writers, and Scrabble players. There is a large dark indoor bar and an even bigger outside seating area. Head to the pool table in the back; it's perfect. Read more about The News Lounge >>

  • Oak Tavern

    Oak Tavern

    35 NE 40th St. Miami, FL 33137
    786-391-1818 Oak Tavern's wooden tables are worn -- their faded chocolate surfaces fashioned out of reclaimed lumber, their corners burnt with the logo of a majestic oak. Outside, a courtyard envelops the eponymous tree. Inside, the smell of fresh buttermilk biscuits, flaky orbs of dough with brittle crusts and puffed centers, wafts across the dining room. David Bracha is the chef and restaurateur behind these biscuits, as well as the acclaimed Brickell restaurant the River Seafood & Oyster Bar. For his first venture in the Design District, Bracha has enlisted Oahu-born Curtis Rhodes as his chef de cuisine. The 34-year-old, who has a background in Hawaiian regional cuisine, was previously a chef at the River. At Oak Tavern, the duo has developed a style of American cooking that combines Brickell's pristine fish, such as snapper crudo with lemon, dill, and minced olives, with heartier, homespun eats: house-cured charcuterie, grilled meats, and wood-oven-baked pizzas. The resulting cuisine bespeaks refinement and rusticity. Its finesse traces to a seasoned restaurateur and talented chef. Read more about Oak Tavern >>

  • Paint N Play Block Party

    214 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Parafernalia Studio

    174 NW 25th St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Shots Miami

    Shots Miami

    311 NW 23rd St. Miami, FL 33127
    305-571-0439 If the name of this place doesn't start you singing "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERYBODY," we can't even handle you right now. LMFAO would be so disappointed. Shots Miami is Wynwood's own interactive shot bar, meaning, everyone pretty much makes an ass of themselves in order to score some booze. But hell, alcohol's all about acting stupid anyway. Expect to sing, don absurd props and otherwise engage in ridiculous antics. But it's so worth it for their tasty assortment of boozy delights. Read more about Shots Miami >>

  • The Social Lubricant Lounge/TSL

    The Social Lubricant Lounge/TSL

    167 NW 23rd St. Miami, FL 33127

  • Soho Arts Pavilion & Lounge (SAPAL)

    Soho Arts Pavilion & Lounge (SAPAL)

    2151 NW 1st Court Miami, FL 33127

    The 6,000 square feet of open space that make up this venue are part of the Wynwood Convention Center. SAPAL has a full bar but alsmot everything else morphs based on the events taking place there. Part of the lounge's mission is to support non-profit groups and art organizations in sponsoring events. Every second Saturday, during the Wynwood art walk, MTV takes over to throw a party with multimedia installations by local, emerging artists. Read more about Soho Arts Pavilion & Lounge (SAPAL) >>

  • The Stage

    The Stage

    170 NE 38th St. Miami, FL 33137
    305-576-9577 The Stage is uniquely located underneath the I-195 causeway just off NE 2nd Ave in the Design District. A venue with plenty of room to dance and a stage that's hosted Miami's finest, there's always bands rocking out here, and local performers have named it as one of their favorite places to play at. National acts have also performed at the Stage, especially when looking for a more intimate venue for their more dedicated fans. There's a huge dance-floor, couches to get your rest on, and an outside area to catch your breath. Read more about The Stage >>

  • Taqueria Social Club

    Taqueria Social Club

    3252 NE 1st Ave. Miami, FL 33137

    During the day, this place is Mercadito's taco bar. At 11 p.m., it reopens as a tequila joint complete with a DJ. Bartenders use fresh ingredients to create specialty cocktails nightly. There is also a full selection of premium Mexican beers like Negro Modelo. The spot, open until 3 a.m., adds some necessary spice to Midtown. Read more about Taqueria Social Club >>

  • Vedado Social Club

    5580 NE 4th Ct. Miami, FL 33137

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