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Do Not Sit on the Furniture

Do Not Sit on the Furniture

The philosophy of this beat-freak hangout is right there in the name: If you're sitting, you're not dancing, and dancing is the whole point. House heads have come to love the no-nonsense atmosphere in a space that's both charming and imaginative.


True EDM animals who've graduated from festival-ready anthems know that Trade brings the best in progressive, deep, and techie house music that real fans want to hear.
The Stage

The Stage

A venue with plenty of room to dance and a stage that's hosted Miami's finest, there's always bands rocking out here, and local performers have named it as one of their favorite places to play at.

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  • 71 Lounge

    71 Lounge

    7100 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138
    305-754-9022 The latest addition to the Moonchine complex is a music-only lounge that features live acts and rotating DJs. Though adjacent to the restaurant, Room 71 operates as a separate venue -- guests must be stamped and show IDs to enter and exit, and no food is served. The decor follows Moonchine's signature funky feel with large, red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and funky wall art spread throughout the space. The bar is made of scrap metal and tile, and the VIP seating area has a wall made of zebra-printed bar stools. The owners have managed to find unique vintage pieces around Miami and put them all into one room. Somehow, everything fits together. Read more about 71 Lounge >>

  • Billy

    Billy's Pub Too

    732 NE 125th St. North Miami, FL 33161
    305-899-9986 Located in the heart of downtown North Miami, near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Billy's is a cheap and low-down place that has developed its own natural funk (and that is meant in the most admiring way). A funk so funky that Billy's won New Times' 2008 Best Neighborhood Bar. The place picks up Wednesday nights, when a live DJ plays on the brand-new patio. Hump day also features a house jam band, and guests can bring their own instruments and strum along. Live acts continue Thursday through Sunday, and the place doesn't close until 5 a.m. Beer pong, pool tables, and foosball round out the signature bar fun. Read more about Billy's Pub Too >>

  • Blue Royal Lounge

    13750 W. Dixie Highway North Miami, FL 33161

  • Champagne's

    1060 NE 79th St. Miami, FL 33138

  • Club Boi

    1060 NE 79th St. North Miami, FL 33161
    786-395-2272 "The number one club for the brotha." Don't let the name of this club fool you. These are some real men - well hung and swangin' that thang. Club Boi is the only black-owned gay club in South Florida, and it serves as a welcome alternative to the same old stuff on South Beach. There is nude male dancing, and the vibe is hot. Even for heteros, this club is a good time. Get out of the closet and get down at Club Boi. Read more about Club Boi >>

  • Eros Lounge

    Eros Lounge

    8201 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138
    305-754-3444 For gay Miamians looking for more than sweaty dancers seeking cash or tourists trolling for quick hook-ups, Eros is a welcome change. This local, rainbow-flag flying spot on Biscayne hosts everything from bingo nights and karaoke to drag shows and reality-TV viewing parties. It's a place to flirt, chill and soak up some common culture - unlike most of the city's LGBT spots. Read more about Eros Lounge >>

  • Favela Chic

    928 NE 71st St. Miami, FL 33138

  • Jamboree Lounge

    Jamboree Lounge

    7005 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138
    305-759-0066 This gay and drag bar in the Upper Eastside MiMo District of Miami offers lively people watching and cheap drinks. Locals flock to this dive for its particular Biscayne Boulevard character. Monthly events attract a mixed crowd looking for a good time. The drag shows at this low-key dive are one of a kind. Read more about Jamboree Lounge >>

  • Kingston Bar and Grill

    12108 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami, FL 33161

  • Lounge 69

    6900 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138

  • The Office on the Causeway

    777 NE 79th St. Miami, FL 33138

  • Point Lounge and Package Store

    Point Lounge and Package Store

    2204 NE 123rd St. North Miami, FL 33161

    At Point Lounge and Package Store, on any given night, you might see a fight. Or a few. You'll run into drunken sailors, sideshow rejects, cage fighters. You might hear things that will traumatize you. At this North Miami Beach mainstay, anything is possible. Expect a generous pour, some old school music selections, and a cast of characters out of Toby Keith's "this bar." What you'll walk away with - in addition to a raspy voice, a few bruises and more than a little bit of a buzz - are some killer stories. Oh - and avoid the men's room. You've been warned. Read more about Point Lounge and Package Store >>

  • Sandal Club

    Sandal Club

    1060 NE 79th St. Miami, FL 33138
    786-597-4927 Gavin and Dias, co-owners of this primarily gay club on the causeway, pride themselves on the diversity of their clientele. "We get people from everywhere: Russia, South Africa, Egypt. Thank God for the Internet," says Gavin, who is also the house DJ. That same box-of-chocolates style is applied to the music, which can have a European dance, hip-hop, Latin, or Caribbean groove. Even the drink specials change all the time. "It might be a shot, or buy-one-get-one. With the economy how it is, you have to give back a little," Dias explains. The décor is sleek and modern, but peppered with quirky touches like a simulated view of a New York skyline and Oriental red paper lanterns hanging above the bars. The venue's two rooms leave plenty of space for dancing. Cover is $10. Read more about Sandal Club >>

  • Sweet Saloon

    Sweet Saloon

    7100 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138

  • Take One Cocktail Lounge

    Take One Cocktail Lounge

    333 NE 79th St. Miami, FL 33138

    Located in Little Haiti, Take One Cocktail Lounge is ghetto-fabulous. It's a place where thugs chill, a small strip club with the stage directly behind the bar. The smell of ganja fills the air, and the staff makes you feel welcome. Most of the patrons are locals, and the strippers have some of the biggest booties you will ever see. One of these hot mamas has "100%" tattooed on her left buttock and "Beef" inked on the right. Go ahead and stick a dollar bill into her butt crack. She will shake that rump in your face. Oh, the joy of being smacked with some big ass and titties. Order a drink and consider getting the most inexpensive lap dance in Miami ($10). She will dry-hump you, bumping and grinding until you are satisfied. The DJ plays nothing but hip-hop; songs with lyrics like "Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob" create the perfect ambiance. Admission is free, but please leave your guns at home. Owing to a number of shootings on the premises, the bouncers will pat you down before you enter. Read more about Take One Cocktail Lounge >>

  • Tokyo Valentino

    8330 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138

  • Ukulele Bar

    10950 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33161-7460

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    863 NE 79th St. Miami, FL 33138