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Do Not Sit on the Furniture

Do Not Sit on the Furniture

The philosophy of this beat-freak hangout is right there in the name: If you're sitting, you're not dancing, and dancing is the whole point. House heads have come to love the no-nonsense atmosphere in a space that's both charming and imaginative.


True EDM animals who've graduated from festival-ready anthems know that Trade brings the best in progressive, deep, and techie house music that real fans want to hear.
The Stage

The Stage

A venue with plenty of room to dance and a stage that's hosted Miami's finest, there's always bands rocking out here, and local performers have named it as one of their favorite places to play at.

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  • Living Room

    2201 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Usually every W Hotel has a bar dubbed Living Room, and the South Beach outpost is no different. And though we've stayed at other W locations around North America, we've yet to find one with a lobby bar scene that's as chic as our local one. Beautiful women? Check. Power players? Check. Well-versed bartenders? Check. Excellent cocktails? Check. In fact, it's hard to believe that with so many lovely things surrounding you that the cocktails are still the star here. Concocted by noted mixologist and author Scott Beattie, the drink menu features creatively crafted libations that are meant to be sipped, not chugged. Complex flavors reveal themselves as they touch your tongue and slowly make their way to the back of your throat. Read more about Living Room >>

  • The Living Room (Miami)

    The Living Room (Miami)

    671 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    A South Beach mainstay, Living Room has been around since the beginning of the century. But the all-white interior setup of couches, tables, bar, and DJ booth are as standard-looking now as the house and hip-hop music that rattle your body once you're inside. Read more about The Living Room (Miami) >>

  • Lost Weekend

    Lost Weekend

    218 Española Way Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-672-1707 This large sports bar has five pool tables, 5 large HDTV sets tuned to ESPN, and an awesome digital jukebox. The bar top is chalkboard and there are cups of colored chalk at your disposal. Drink beer, watch ESPN, and draw! It doesn't get much better than that. The Alibi serves up some serious bar food including pizza and subs. There is also an old fashioned cigarette machine, two Foosball tables, and some video games in the back. Read more about Lost Weekend >>

  • Lotus Lounge

    1320 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139-4210

  • The Lounge Barber Shop & Bar

    665 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

  • Lush South Beach

    Lush South Beach

    233 12th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-801-8301 It's a hole-in-the-wall bar hidden in plain sight between an alley and the World Erotic Art Museum. Lush's motto is "day care for drunks," and it offers a pool table, jukebox, and beer bongs to prove it. There's no cover charge, dress code, or typical South Beach attitude. Here you will find a place to get wasted without a hassle. Read more about Lush South Beach >>

  • Lux


    1439 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Gerry Kelly is back on the Beach and at the helm of this stylish venue catering to models and the bottle-service elite. Couches and love seats dominate the main room. The rest of the space, as well as the VIP areas, integrate antiques and modern design elements. Fashion shows are staged regularly, and there are weekly pop, urban, model, and gay nights. Read more about Lux >>

  • Mac

    Mac's Club Deuce

    222 14th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    This is the last real dive bar in Miami Beach. You come here to drink, play the juke, and shoot some pool. Mac has owned this legendary establishment since 1964 and hasn't changed a thing about it. "When you step into my bar, you are walking into yesterday," he says. "It is a Shangri-la." Read more about Mac's Club Deuce >>

  • Mama Vieja Restaurant & Nightclub

    235 23rd St. Miami Beach, FL 33139-1713

  • The Marlin Bar

    1200 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

  • Masquerade Motel

    8th St. and Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139

  • MiamiNights

    1521 Alton Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139-3301

  • Mojitos Lounge

    Mojitos Lounge

    500 Espanola Way Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-534-5822 A smaller extension of the neighboring Café Nuvo, Mojitos Lounge looks as if it should be in a building basement or on a second-floor terrace, not nudged to the side of a larger venue. The décor fuses the look of New Orleans' French Quarter, a New York piano lounge, and South Beach Euro-chic. The room is filled with red hues and candlelight, reflecting off metal-and-brick-accented walls that showcase maps and iconic sepia-tinted photos. It seems patrons are free to write on the walls with a Sharpie, adding a slight edge to the space. The bar features more than a dozen unique options in addition to mojitos. Read more about Mojitos Lounge >>

  • Mokai


    235 23rd St. Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-673-1409 Mokai is what music videos are made off. Hundreds of purple light bulbs flash over the dance floor, surrounded by VIP couches and Miami's fabulous people. Golden lights twinkle over the bar, DJs from around the world keep the crowd moving, and $15 cocktails are easier to stomach. Life is good at Mokai. Read more about Mokai >>

  • Mynt Lounge

    Mynt Lounge

    1921 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-532-0727 A famous South Beach venue, Mynt has been known to draw its share of celebrities. The décor is ultralush, and a velvet rope divides the purely fabulous from everyone else. House music is the sound of choice to get the crowd dancing under balloon-like light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, as bright strobe lights provide a flickering glimpse of a very Miami party scene. Mynt sometimes holds special events over the weekend that include live entertainment and guest star DJs. A full bar accommodates every taste. The dress code is strictly chic, so shorts and flip-flops are usually a don't if you want to pass one of the strictest door policies in the area. Read more about Mynt Lounge >>

  • Mynt Ultralounge

    Mynt Ultralounge

    1921 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Want to stand in front of a velvet rope for a couple of hours? Then try getting into this upscale lounge without an invitation or your name on a guest list. It's worth the wait. Mynt's egg-white decor, augmented by lime green colors and tastefully hung drapes, makes it one of the most beautiful-looking, albeit exclusive, locales in South Beach. Read more about Mynt Ultralounge >>

  • Non Pub

    350 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139-3103

  • Ocean Lounge

    Ocean Lounge

    524 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-531-0101 Located inside and atop (yes, there's a rooftop bar) the Casanova Suites hotel, this lounge offers a fine view of the Atlantic. The lobby-level drinking area includes a long bar, tables, and leather couches awash in a neon glow. Music plays through house speakers courtesy of a DJ. Open format and techno are favored, though reggae sometimes rules the night. Upstairs, the sound of ocean waves lapping against the shore makes great music too. Read more about Ocean Lounge >>

  • One Lounge

    2000 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

  • Opium Garden

    136 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139-7235

  • The Palace Bar & Restaurant

    The Palace Bar & Restaurant

    1200 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-531-7234 Stop by the Palace for a very South Beach experience. The place puts on drag shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and offers a Sunday "Brunchic." For the $30 brunch, guests get unlimited mimosas and a menu that changes weekly, rotating steak, salmon, pancakes, and other brunch fare. Also of note is the Palace burger ($10.95), featuring a turkey patty topped with chipotle aioli and served with fries or salad. The Palace also proffers assorted salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Food here is generally of higher quality and lower cost than at other eateries on Ocean Drive. The restaurant is split into two bars: one indoor and designed for nighttime use, and the other semi-outdoors. There is also a patio laid out with dining tables. Entertaining drag queens make the service friendly. Call ahead for the drag show during Sunday brunch. Read more about The Palace Bar & Restaurant >>

  • Passage Bar

    Passage Bar

    1144 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139
    305-428-1234 Passage Bar is a sleek lounge and watering hole in the Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive. The alluring locale offers excellent people watching, and the drinks are poured with a steady practiced hand. The indoors are plush, and the property a pleasure to walk through. If you are not a hotel guest, you'll wish you were, but luckily the bar stays open late enough for you to pretend you are. Read more about Passage Bar >>

  • Patpong Road

    1661 Meridian Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

    In Miami Beach, where too many clubs for the glamor set pretentiously serve Goose and Bulls for 20 bucks a pop, finding a bar that doesn't take itself too seriously is as relieving as snagging an ocean breeze on a muggy July afternoon. Patpong Road, brought to you by 50 Eggs, the people behind restaurants such as Yardbird, Swine, and Khong River House, is named for the notorious red-light district in Thailand and offers a cheeky play on a "naughty" night in Bangkok. As you walk up the tin steps into the tiny room, bathed in not-too-subtle red light, you step up to the bar. There, you'll find all the "retro" favorite cocktails you loved in college but are now too "grown up" to drink. Seriously, dude, when was the last time you had a kamikaze or a Long "Thailand" iced tea? The bar puts playful twists on the drinks, though, as in its version of the Sloe Screw. Renamed "A Long, Sloe, Comfortably Spicy Screw up by the Wall," it adds chili syrup, Southern Comfort, génépy, and vodka to the classic recipe. Drinks such as that make perfect sense to sip as you listen to the "latest" tracks by Prince, Culture Club, and Madonna. Patpong Road is kitschy, hilarious, and just plain fun. It's like being at a drunk Thailand pavilion at Epcot — a little bawdy, but ultimately good, delightfully fake times. Read more about Patpong Road >>

  • Pearl Restaurant & Lounge

    Pearl Restaurant & Lounge

    1 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139

    The monied and well-dressed bask in the warm orange glow of this strikingly designed room, where a circular champagne bar is the center of attention -- that and the beautiful women who hover around it. Getting through the door of this exclusive venue (located above Nikki Beach) can be difficult at times, but once inside, the sexy vibe and cold bubbly will make you forget you ever waited. Read more about Pearl Restaurant & Lounge >>

  • The Penthouse

    1434 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

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