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In addition to the air conditioning, cold beer and cocktails as their entrance advertises, Wynwood's Gramps is home to lots more. Like rock acts on the regular, DJs spinning vinyl and plenty of dance space.
Story Nightclub

Story Nightclub

Where did the Heat team celebrate their 2013 championship -- and rack up a $100K tab? Meet Story. That parable should say it all about this 27,000 square foot SoBe dance club's prestige factor.
Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road

Miami's oldest liquor license and most reliable, all-around bar. If it's music, a burger, and a relaxed atmosphere, both indoors and out, that you seek, this is your watering hole now and forever.

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  • Fat Monkey Bar

    Fat Monkey Bar

    28 S. Krome Ave. Homestead, FL 33030
    305-248-1060 Everyone knows a turn at karaoke requires more than a little liquid lubrication. Luckily, the Fat Monkey Bar gets you all boozed up with frozen daquiris, beer and champagne galore before you take to the stage for a butchered rendition of "Don't Stop Believing." This Homestead outpost is big on the drink specials; ladies even drink free champagne on Friday nights. For the not-so-vocal, there are pool tables and bar games. It's a bit of a trek south, but worth it to find a place where you can live out your tone-deaf American Idol dreams unhindered. We won't judge. Neither will anyone else at this joint. Read more about Fat Monkey Bar >>

  • Homestead Sport Center

    113 S. Homestead Blvd. Homestead, FL 33030-7421

  • Hunter

    Hunter's Hurricane Lounge

    29301 SW 152nd Ave. Homestead, FL 33030
    305-246-4055 This no-frills bar in South Dade specializes in good, old-fashioned drinking. Step in, take a load off, order a Budweiser, and shoot some pool in the recently remodeled space. There are amusement machines, an awesome jukebox, NASCAR drink specials, and even a DJ on the weekend to keep it all exciting. Stop in on a "Blue Moon" special night, and you might be lucky enough to get in on the pig roast. Read more about Hunter's Hurricane Lounge >>

  • Last Chance Bar & Package

    Last Chance Bar & Package

    35800 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33034

    You load up the car with friends to head to the Keys. You've packed your bathing suit, your water wings and a little bit (or a lot) of weed. But halfway down the road, you realize, you forgot the BOOZE. Thank God almighty for Last Chance Bar & Package. This Homestead stand-by is the last thing you'll see before you hit Overseas Highway, and it's a blessed oasis. Bar on one side, liquor store on the other, you can grab a quick drink or stock up on cooler-chilled Bud Light or bottles of tequila. Limes, too. If you hit up the saloon, expect to be seated next to bikers, lonely souls and day-drinkers. Prices aren't terrible, given the fact that they've cornered the market on desperate drunks. Read more about Last Chance Bar & Package >>

  • Maracas


    27156 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33032

    This popular Mexican restaurant in Naranja doubles as a nightclub and keeps the party going - and the parking lot packed with cars - till 5 a.m. Besides serving traditional-style flautas, nachos, and fajitas, the place puts on a variety of events catering to different crowds throughout the week. From grimy South Dade gangster rap shows to karaoke to puro reggaeton, diversity rules. Drink deals include the house-specialty frozen margaritas. You'll have to take our word for all this, because Maracas has no website and its phone does not accept incoming calls. Read more about Maracas >>

  • Peach Tree Lounge

    51 S. Homestead Ave. Homestead, FL 33030

  • Sand Bar

    Sand Bar

    27950 SW 127th Ave. Homestead, FL 33032

    Catering mainly to a college crowd, this sports bar offers California-style Baja cuisine such as fish tacos and is open to day walkers and night owls. There are two bars on the front porch, which is elevated several feet above street level for prime people-watching. Inside, a long bar backed by flat-screens hugs a wall. The rest of the space is filled with seats and more screens. Throw down on pinball while enjoying the surf-shack-style décor. Read more about Sand Bar >>

  • Vip Sports Club

    26841 S. Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33032-7524

  • Wharf Lounge

    11 SE 1st Ave. Homestead, FL 33034