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  • Arcade Odyssey

    Arcade Odyssey

    12045 SW 117th Ave. Miami, FL 33186
    305-253-2722 Due to the overwhelming rise of iPads and Playstations, most video arcades have gone the way of the dinosaurs. But at Arcade Odyssey, you can indulge in the ultimate retro throwback. This mecca for gamers boasts an astonishing selection of classics, from Mortal Kombat II to Terminator pinball to shoot 'em ups to all your other childhood favorites. Selections rotate, and include lots of rarities you probably won't see anywhere else. Everyone could stand to act like a kid every once in awhile, and here - it's expected. More >>

  • Hot Wheels

    12265 SW 112th St. Miami, FL 33186-4830

  • Kendall Ice Arena

    Kendall Ice Arena

    10355 Hammocks Blvd. Kendall, FL 33196
    305-386-8288 Since we have to miss out on all the Rockefeller Center-style fun in the wintertime, what with the 75 degree temps, an ice arena is the next best thing. It's our change to dig out those forgotten scarves and fashionable layers for an evening. At the Kendall Ice Arena, you can get your ice skate on every day of the week. They have plenty of public skate hours, plus family day on Sundays, karaoke night on Thursdays and classes for everyone from tots to adults. They school figure skaters and hockey players here, too. It's a an-encompassing ice eden. Better than regular air conditioning, any day. More >>

  • Zoo Miami

    Zoo Miami

    12400 SW 152nd St. Miami, FL 33177

  • Miami Seaquarium

    4400 Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne, FL 33149
    305-361-5705 Performances by dolphins, seals, sea lions, and Lolita the killer whale are among the highlights. More >>

  • The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens

    12400 SW 152 St. Perrine, FL 33177

  • Super Wheels Skating Center

    Super Wheels Skating Center

    12265 Southwest 112th St. Kendall, FL 33186

    You can't go wrong with nostalgia, and the proprietors at Super Wheels know it. Remember those weekends in junior high spent skating backwards around the ring? Or seeing the girls in your class booty dancing in the center of the floor to heavy bass and hip-hop? Yeah, not much has changed. More >>

  • University of Miami Bank United Center

    1245 Dauer Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146

  • Zoo Miami

    Zoo Miami

    12400 SW 152nd St. Miami, FL 33177