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You Can’t Beat This

Can you remember the last time you heard someone pounding on garbage cans, clomping on hubcaps, and thrashing the floor with brooms? If you live in certain unnamed apartment complexes, your answer might be “last night.” If you live with inventive, percussion-loving kids, your answer might be “this morning.” But just in case your answer was “It’s been awhile,” we have just the solution for you. The wildly successful, OBIE Award-winning show Stomp will take over the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts today through Sunday, September 30.

The off-Broadway spectacle is a celebration of high-energy beats, bass, dance, and plenty of banging, as the eight-member troupe uses everything -- including the kitchen sink -- to create compositions that can be described only as beautiful noise. Tonight’s show begins at 8:00, and don’t expect to see any of your everyday drum sets or hear your average boom-boom-clack cadences. Stomp has thoroughly impressed Broadway types, and in the Carnival Center’s intimate Ziff Ballet Opera House, you can bear witness to the cacophony. Tickets start at $20. Visit for additional showtimes.
Sept. 25-30, 2007


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