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Yo Mama’s So Special

If the thought never crosses your mind the other 364 days, the second Sunday in May has been designated as the 24 hours you should lavish gifts upon the woman (or the more nurturing of two dads) who raised you. What recession? Even the biggest douchebag could find it in his heart to send Mom a card. Even if you splurge on brunch and a bottle of perfume, both complement an evening with award-winning gospel greats Shirley Caesar and Mary Mary at “A Mother’s Day to Remember” — a nondenominational evening of celebrating, well, you-know-who. The Hard Rock Live will swell with dulcet tones and soulful lyrics, all in honor of family, love, and music — three things your mama probably can’t get enough of. So what’s in this for you? After the 5 p.m. song and dance, you can hit the slots. Legend has it that “doing it for Mom” actually works with Lady Luck.
Sun., May 10, 5 p.m., 2009


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