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Writers on the Storm

Since 1996, budding literati at local grade schools have collaborated on a yearly exhibit of 10 art tomes. The Wolfsonian’s One Page at a Time program presents the children’s views on hot-button topics in creative, thought-provoking form. This year the intrepid scribblers — from the fourth through sixth grades — tackled issues ranging from global warming and pollution to rampant consumerism and the relevance of music to history. The resulting art volumes are confected from cardboard, plaster, wire, organic plants, and a diverse arsenal of eye-catching materials, with each student responsible for creating an individual page.

Participating elementary schools include South Pointe, Dante B. Fascell, Southside, Myrtle Grove, and Edison Park, as well as Shenandoah Middle Museums Magnet School. “During the program, students learn about specific topics such as history, visual arts, and writing, as well as art books, museums, and the interconnections between these topics,” explains Kate Rawlinson, the museum’s assistant director for education and public programs. The exhibit opens Thursday and runs through June 8 at The Wolfsonian.
May 8-June 8, 2008


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