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Winged Creatures

Nilo Cruz does Gabriel García Márquez! The Cuban-American, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright adapted Márquez's short story for a kids' production at the Playground Theatre, where sets are large and psychedelic and the old movie house is transformed, weekend after weekend, into a light- and music-filled wonderland of endless possibilities. In A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, a couple happens upon a winged man who has seemingly crash-landed in their yard. They keep him locked up in a chicken coop and charge curious spectators to see him. Some folks come seeking miracles from the apparent angel; others come for wisdom. All are disappointed, and none can say for sure the significance of the wings, save the old man, and he's not talking.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Feb. 17. Continues through March 14, 2010


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