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Wild About Wynwood

Downtown Miami will come alive with art openings of all varieties this evening. Wear your walking shoes and come prepared to be amazed. At Abba Fine Art (233 NW 36th St.), multimedia artist and experimental composer David McConnell wants to burrow into your head with Polysymphonic Sun, an exhibit opening at 7:00. His solo show features lyrical abstract paintings in which he has embedded musical scores in code and a video installation with over 200 subliminal frames and “psychoacoustic frequencies” designed to rattle the skull. In 911 Revisted, Debra Holt has created an interactive installation incorporating paintings, newspaper articles, photography and a “grief wall” encouraging visitors to add their own expression upon the Twin Tower tragedy. Call 305-576-4278, or visit

Pump up the volume during the Krane’s under-the-radar bash, Off The Wall, at 310 NW 26th St., Miami. There’ll be a cocktail of visual art, fashion, design, music, and of course, wine! This fledgling arts outfit has lined up Vanessa Garcia and Alexsandar Kirilov, who explore trickledown economics and the Bulgarian secret service in their paintings. Performance artist Rachel Hoffman tickles the ribs with “Allegory of Love Adorned with a Super Sensual Tail,” while Japanese shutterbug Yoshimitsu Takano captures candy-coated Tokyo tarts running amuck in the Kawaii capital of the world. Warbler Nikki Garcia, strummer Gatoe, and Wize Foolz Muzik raise the roof on the show. Call 305-450-9931, or visit
Sat., May 12


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