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Who You Callin’ Crumby?

Since 1991 The Crumbs have been belting out classic, Ramones-style anthems about drinking whiskey, popping pills, getting dumped by girls with green hair, and being broke in Miami. Their three-chord sing-a-longs are so catchy they’ll stick in your head for weeks. The original line-up was an all-star cast, featuring members of legendary Miami bands Chickenhead and Cavity. The band recorded its first demo in 1992, followed by countless records, line-up changes, and tours.

“We’ve been around longer and have put out more records than any band in the history of Florida, and we still drink Schlitz,” says lead vocalist, Raf Classic. Experiencing the Cumbs’ live show at Churchill’s will be a blast from the past for some, a good starting point for others, and guaranteed good times for all. Check out the band at
Sat., March 17


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