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Who Let the Dogs Out?

This morning the sound of Daft Punk blaring from your clock radio jerked you from a blissful state. You felt a draft swirling over your body, looked down, and found your bed sheets torn to shreds. At first you thought your booty call had somehow transformed into Edward Scissorhands, but then you noticed your own gnarly claws were actually to blame. Before you pluck the remnants of your sheets from your fingers and toes, pick up the phone and call 305-758-5750. This will get you in touch with the manicure/pedicure pros at Meduhr, who will give you the beautiful nails you – and anyone who has to look at them – deserve.

Choose from dozens of Essie nail polish colors -- from a pretty pink “Starter Wife” to a blood-red “Wife Goes On” -- whichever gets you in the mood to face the world again. And for your pocket’s pleasure, every Monday through Wednesday, a mani/pedi combo costs just $32 with a coupon from
Wed., Dec. 5, 2007


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