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White-Collar Dollar Clones

The fluorescent lights buzz ceaselessly above you, their hypnotic drone pushing you into a zombielike state. Gossip and shit-talk, squabbles and hearsay, idle hands, idle minds, and fake smiles dominate your life 40 hours a week. Working in an office sucks. But fear not, workaday business clones — Poplife got your back. IHMDJ! (I Hate My Day Job) will host Saturday night’s party as part of its Paid Vacation Tour. Mr. Day Job is a white-collar pie-graph chart-topper with a sideline indie clothing hustle, and he’s crisscrossing the nation under the pretense of work in order to party, drink, and “give out free shit.”

The event features an open bar from 10 to 11, DJs Induce and Aramis, fresh gear from the Fly Girl Boutique, and a listening session for new Stereolab and Jaguar Love albums, courtesy of Beggars. Go to White Room. Visit
Sat., Aug. 16, 2008


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