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Where The Buoys Are

Spring is in the air and temperatures are on the rise, which means it’s time for beach, booze, and bikinis. Last year, the 305 saw its first Floatopia, an epic party on inner tubes that overtook South Pointe Park (1 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) with Solo cups, camaraderie, and dozens of inflatable devices. And this weekend, the float-fest is back with a water-bound vengeance. The buoyant bash is hitting South Beach again (on 4/20, no less), and it’s a must-do for anyone into floaties, new friends, and fun times. All that’s required for an unforgettable afternoon are some rope (so you don’t float away, duh), a floating device of choice, a few low-key libations, and plenty of sunscreen. But remember — this is our beach, so keep it clean and try not to break too many laws, mkay? No need to ruin it for next year.
Sat., April 20, 10 a.m., 2013


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