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Where in the World Is Otto?

Miami’s own original Cock Rock Disco purveyor, Otto Von Schirach, is blowin’ up, folks. The laptop bass pioneer is finally back in town after a national tour, and he has saved the best for the home crowd. Saturday at Poplife in the White Room, Von Schirach will hold the official release party for his new record, Oozing Bass Spasms. New Times got a chance to listen to OBS prior to its July 11 street date, and we’re here to give you a preview of the breakout tracks from the disc that’s sure to have you dancing your ass off. Tickets cost 10 bucks. Visit “Subatomic Disco Divas”: Trademark Otto: Bass-heavy beats, ray guns, pornographic whinnies, fucked-up vocals melting into creepy, muddy chunks. “Nightmare Nipples”: Hey! You got your DJ Assault all up in my Otto! “Dance Like a Ho (Single)”: Breakin’ it down with social commentary on dance-floor sexism. Or maybe it’s all about the bass bombs? “Her Blood Is Poison”: Sounds like Fergie getting reamed by an ethernet cable. “Spine Serpents of Sperm Island”: Samples of Sue Johanson of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson? Pure fucking genius. “Zombie Halloween” (feat. Nastie): The hook sounds like something from a Forties horror movie ... and it’s hilarious. “Fried Eggs in My Ear” (feat. DJ Scotch Egg): Finally some love for the videogamers out there. “Pussy Pump”: Dedicated to Mom. “DJ Hepatitis Tofuburger”: More Sue Johanson! We thought we were alone, Otto! “S.T.D. Me”: Noise/jungle nonsense. Beautiful!
Sat., June 28, 2008


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