West, Meet East

History tells us that over the centuries, people have been inspired to take off across the world in hot pursuit of two things: God and spices. Portuguese explorers sailed all the way around the tip of Africa to get to India and its turmeric, so we don't want to hear any complaints about how far Homestead is when we suggest a visit to the Fruit & Spice Park this weekend.

Among rows of ylang-ylang and horseradish trees, you'll have the chance to savor Bangladeshi curry and Thai papaya salad at the 20th annual Asian Culture Festival, highlighting the sounds, sights, and flavors from the reaches of Cambodia to Pakistan. Expect dances by Thai and Persian professionals, Chinese lion dancing, and Muay Thai kickboxing demonstrations. But let's be honest here: The real draw is the food. Belly up to the festival this Saturday and Sunday.
Sat., March 6; Sun., March 7, 2010

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