We’re Only Human

During the past few years, Arte del Barrio, a collaborative troupe of painters, photographers, sculptors, auteurs, musicians, and actors, has been on a whirlwind tear, organizing exhibits, initiating community-oriented projects with an emphasis on education, and basically showing the public a rip-snorting time.

Tonight the tight-knit collective raises the curtain on (H) U-Man (O), a multimedia blowout riffing on what organizers say are “the contradictions and truths of the human being.”

Curated by Javier Lopez Rotello, the event promises an upbeat look at navigating the cruelty of living in uncertain times and an examination of how people can join in improving society. Don’t expect to encounter a bunch of scruffy bohos singing “Kumbaya” while hitting a bong; these do-gooders recently painted a mural alongside toddlers, transforming a day-care center into a cheerful wonderland.
Sat., Jan. 14, 7 p.m.

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