We’ll Judge You by Your Profile Pic

At first, Facebook was an invaluable way to connect with a friend of a friend of that girl you knew in your poli- sci class. But things were different way back in 2003. Now the social networking site has members who can barely spell college, and has expanded to include instant messaging, party invites, and an overwhelming amount of apps. It’s only a matter of time until Webster’s proclaims Facebook a verb with the definition “to type someone’s name into facebook.com and stalk them to high hell.” Ye olde FB is not only a tool for scraping together the most mundane details of your crush’s life. It’s also good for networking — which is why that image of you doing a keg stand at your sister’s shotgun wedding might not be the best option for a profile pic.

This Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., photographer Manolo Doreste (Time, Vogue en Español, Ocean Drive) will be at In Focus Studios to hook you up with something more appropriate. For just $20, you can consult with a Facebook expert (repeat after us: “WTF?”), get your hair and makeup spruced up, and even indulge in complimentary photo retouching to say, “Bye-bye, crow’s feet that tell my true age.” At the Facebook Profile Picture Party, Doreste will help you put your best face forward. You’ll even be able to upload your pic onsite, so you’ll have tons of “Great pic” comments by the time you leave the parking lot.
Thu., June 25, 6 p.m., 2009


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