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Welcome Robot Overlords!

While great minds of the past set themselves to curing diseases or explaining the laws of the universe, today our best and brightest aspire to another sort of goal: building robots that can fight each other. This year’s BotsIQ National Robotics Competition starts today at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The four-day event will bring together more than 1000 college, high school, and middle school students from around the country, who all think their robot has what it takes to be king of the cage.

Should middle-schoolers really be exposed to killer-robot technology? Will this all seem terribly ironic in the not-too-distant future, when our robot masters force us to fight for their amusement? You can ignore these and other troubling questions while watching swinging blades and battering rams tear through aluminum.
April 12-15, 12-8 p.m.


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