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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Forget channel- and web-surfing — vaudeville was the original form of entertainment for short attention spans. This Thursday night, a variety show called the Millionaire Tramps Vaudeville Debut will land at Churchill’s Pub, with Dangerfun!’s handpicked selection of South Florida tramps. Settle in for some stand-up and sketch comedy by Skitsations, a troupe based up the road in Hollywood. And just when your attention begins to wane and you start mentally cataloging all of your life’s regrets, you’ll be snapped back to the present with slapstick jugglers and bunnies pulled from top hats. Circus acts can hold your attention for only so long — that’s when they’ll present the wiggles and jiggles of the Hellion Burlesque. Previously, dancers Hellion, Daisy Harley, Betty Pickle, Lizzy Lighting, and Ginger Bardot have re-created scenes from Eyes Wide Shut and giggly séances from slumber parties — yes, while wearing only their panties. If vaudeville were cable, you’d stop channel-surfing here, right?
Thu., Aug. 26, 8 p.m., 2010


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