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We Want Mo’ Zo!

Dear Mr. Riley: With due respect, and an awareness that Shaquille O'Neal is being paid an enormous sum of money, we don't understand why Alonzo Mourning isn't the starting center for your World Champion Miami Heat. You have always been so defense-oriented, and in Zo you have one of the best defenders in the NBA, good for four blocked shots a game. Also, compared to Shaq, Zo is a regular Reggie Miller from the free-throw line. You can still use Shaq for fifteen to twenty minutes. We understand his effectiveness in drawing in defenses to free up Dwyane Wade, but Zo can work the blocks, play an excellent pick-and-roll, and help the team run the floor. Best do something against the talented Orlando Magic tonight (7:30) at American Airlines Arena. Tickets cost $10 to $350. Call 305-577-HEAT, or visit
Fri., Nov. 24


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