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We Believe You Can Fly

Ten years ago you thought that buying a $140 pair of Nike Air Jordans would give you the ups you needed to soar into the sky, but the only thing that went up was the balance on your credit card. We say it’s time to revisit your flight dreams, but in a more conventional way – by using the techniques of the pros of aerial and circus arts. This week’s Snowbird Winter Aerial Arts Festival is putting out a call for all to fly south this winter and discover a sport that encourages you to kiss the sky.

The fest will be hosted by the talented locals of the Animate Objects Physical Theater. From today through January 27 at the Colony Theatre and at the Fly Space (12122 SW 131st Ave., Miami), aerialists from all over the world will hold workshops. Everyone from beginners to pros can learn cool feats -- including how to master the trapeze and hoops -- choreography, and conditioning aspects of the craft. The week ends with two days of shows, which will make you believe you can fly.
Jan. 23-27, 2008


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