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Washington Foils

Ever taken a dive, thrown in the towel, or generally served as a straight man to some funny guy? Then you know the pain of the Washington Generals — the team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters. Players, with heads down and serious looks on their faces, run around the court chasing Globetrotters and make it look, well, if not believable, at least entertaining. Despite a 13,000-game losing streak (they last beat the Harlem outfit in 1971), the Generals do their job so that the Globetrotters can do theirs better. While the Globetrotters have evolved their game, basketball and otherwise, incorporating high-flying dunks, street-style dribbling, hip-hop moves, tattoos, and other signs of the 21st Century, the Generals are mired in the ’50s, about the time they began losing to the nemesis. But at least they can be average with aplomb. So when the Globetrotters make their way back to Miami this Sunday at the American Airlines Arena, spend a little time watching 82-year-old Generals coach Red Klotz pace the sideline and tell his players to play well, just not that well. And cheer when the Generals score, or have a ball dribbled off one of their noggins, or they lose with style, grace, and humor befitting the biggest losers in the history of sport. This game is all about the fours: The Globetrotters are on the “4 Times the Fun Tour,” where they will score a historic four-point shot against you-know-who.
Sun., March 13, 4 p.m., 2011


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