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Warped Weirds Wonderland

About three-and-a-half years ago, the local noise and experimental music community seemed like it was about to lose an institution: the then-monthly Night of Weirds series at Churchill’s. But despite all the fanfare for the supposed last edition of the event in April 2008, the ensuing years have proven that you can’t keep a weird night down. Night of Weirds continues to flourish after all, maybe not exactly monthly, but certainly burbling up from the underground at least around every holiday or special occasion.

The latest installment, dubbed Winter of Weirds, comes this Thursday at Churchill’s. Like past editions, it mixes up known artists who play weird music, unknown artists who play weird music, and known artists who don’t usually play weird music but who are playing weird music for the event. From the first camp come up-and-comers such as Mask Era and Jellyfish Bros, while from the second camp come local noise music heavyweights and Night of Weirds all-stars such as Rat Bastard and Amanda Green. The last camp includes acts that are usually downright melodic, namely acoustic songstress Raffa Jo Harris. Somewhere in the middle are bands from the circuit that play proper songs but from unpredictable genres — Humbert, Holly Hunt — and even a couple of artists who usually work outside of music, such as Clifton Childree.
Thu., Dec. 22, 6 p.m., 2011


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