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Victoria's Secret

Until the '60s, censorship guidelines known as the Hays Code forbade films from depicting life in all of its true, sexual, cross-dressing awesomeness. The only way directors could show transsexual people without getting the censors' panties in a bunch was under the guise of humor, which resulted some pretty insensitive characterizations along the way. But thrown in here and there are a few classic films that wouldn't offend the crap out of everyone in modern society. The 1935 film First a Girl, about a woman who poses as a man posing as a woman in order to advance a singing career, tiptoes around ideas of gay love in the relationship between a handsome young man who believes the woman is a man.

The 1995 remake of the flick Victor Victoria is a less cautious, updated version of the original and the basis of a hit Broadway musical.
Wed., Jan. 4, 8 p.m., 2012


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