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Elizabeth Doud and Giovanni Luquini in Flagrante Delicto
Elizabeth Doud and Giovanni Luquini in Flagrante Delicto
Advinho da Silva

Urban Moves

Most people consider Giovanni Luquini to be a dancer. A natural assumption, since his day job is teaching dance at FIU. During his off-hours, however, the Brazilian-born Luquini does more than move his feet. He is a choreographer, sometimes an actor, and even a set designer. When Akropolis Interdisciplinary Theater presents Giovanni Luquini and Dancers in the stage production Flagrante Delicto, audiences will see all of his many facets. Yet most telling will be the way Luquini views himself: as a movie director, coordinating live-action multimedia dramas that touch on issues such as alienation and voyeurism. Sort of a postmodern Alfred Hitchcock of the stage.

“I never aspired to be just a dancer,” Luquini says wearily, “because I think there's so much more.” Part of that more will be Flagrante Delicto (“caught in the act”), the second installment in a trilogy that includes last fall's Wrong Clue. Luquini's style veers from Hitchock's approach of showcasing cool blondes and dashing but neurotic heroes. Instead the stage will bustle with a motley cast of dancers, actors, and rappers clothed in costumes ordinary and flamboyant. Two DJs will provide a diverse score made up of found sounds and old and new songs. “Wrong Clue was about the universe of life in the street,” Luquini explains. “This one is more inside walls, about urban people, about the little crimes we do every day. The hidden kisses or desires.”

That's as much as the coy Luquini will divulge about the current production. About the final element of the trilogy, all he'll reveal is a title, Shangó Con Zapatos (Shangó Wearing Shoes). Much like a good director would do, he describes the impending piece in cinematic terms: “In Wrong Clue I took a general view of the city. Then I zoom into the room in Flagrante Delicto. In Shangó Con Zapatos I'll focus on the boredom and aggressiveness that the urban being has.” Any way it's defined, we'll be entertained.


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