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Uphill Fight to Fame

Strange things always happen on the way to success. Every well-known actor or comedian has stories to tell about his or her rise to the top, including some incredible peaks and horrible lows. Tone Bell, who began his stand-up career in Texas before moving to Los Angeles, certainly has a few. Things were going great for a while. He won on NBC’s 2011 Stand-Up for Diversity, had a recurring role on VH1’s Single Ladies, snagged a spot for Dodge Dart during Spike TV’s One Night Only with Eddie Murphy (during which Bell compared himself to the iconic comedian and actor), and most recently landed a role on NBC’s Whitney as the bartender RJ. Unfortunately, Whitney was canceled, Dodge took back the Dart, and Bell is touring comedy clubs around the country while waiting for his next gig. Thankfully, it gives comedy fans the ability to see a rising star before he’s too big to heckle after a few too many drinks.
May 30-June 2, 2013


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