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Unplugged and Plugging Away

It takes a particular kind of stamina to be a singer/songwriter in Miami. Enduring the shifting winds of public favor, steadfastly staying put when it’s suggested you might want to add a DJ with some turntables to the lineup, steering clear of pre-programmed beats and trendy new sounds — none of it is easy. Just ask Peter Betan. “My music is pure and to the point. And I’ve been a constant in the Miami music scene for 20 years now,” he’s proud to say.

“I try to always be original, and break the boundaries of trendy music,” explains the acoustic guitarist. One of the more creative aspects of Betan’s performance is his “sunset music,” in which he spontaneously improvises a musical farewell as the sun sinks slowly into the sky. Betan’s music is dreamy and soothing to the spirit, recalling the work of John Mayer, Sting, and Peter Gabriel’s early post-Genesis material. This evening at 7, he’ll perform at the Morada Bay Café in Islamorada.
Sat., Dec. 22, 7 p.m., 2007


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