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Unite as ONE

Economic crisis or no, there’s a lot of money floatin’ ’round this town. So it’s always nice when Miamians let local rhythms take control and allow their moneymakers to be shaken to the beat of a dignified cause. Such is the case at 7 p.m. Thursday at Bongos Cuban Café. Local Latin music gurus Locos por Juana, Lulo Perez, Feneiva, Elain, and Vicky Cheverly will all perform at the ONE Concert to Benefit Haiti. These artists are preachin’ the gospel about helping the United Nations meet its Millennium Development Goals. WTF?

Like the many people residing in the countries below this great cosmopolitan capital, Miamians have been a bit slow in helping the world reach those goals, let alone knowing what they are. It’s like this: By 2015, the UN hopes to have cut worldwide poverty by half, but experts say Latin America is heading up the rear in terms of helping its own communities. Thanks to UK benefit concert organizer ONE, as well as Oxfam and Project Care, Miamians can help by doing what we do best: partying! Get aware and get involved — admission is free but material donations are welcomed. For starters, collections of canned food and clothing will be accepted at the door for victims of this summer’s storms in Haiti.
Thu., Oct. 16, 2008


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