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This current exhibit at the University of Miami's Wynwood Project Space is Ricardo Zulueta's "Domesticated Homosapiens in Traditional Costume Circa 21st Century." Basically, that means blown-up photos of people in their underwear. And these are the kind of people you don't usually see in magazines and maybe don't even want to. It's all part of Zulueta's dig at mainstream advertising. "I've been working on this project for about two years and basically I wanted to do a project about dealing with looking at people that are typically not found in mainstream advertising or marketing campaigns. I picked all different types of people from all walks of life, big, small, tall, all races, and basically dressed them up in some form of fashion accessory that excludes and marginalizes certain people. I'm kind of mocking consumerism and the whole luxury industry that's advertising these products as a way of achieving success."
Nov. 24-Dec. 15, 2010


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