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Under the Influence

You’re getting sleeeeepy, and you can’t move from the chair you’re sitting in. You hear fingers snap, and suddenly some dude in a P. Diddy-esque shiny suit is playing you like a deck of cards. We’re not talking about your dickhead boss at the Christmas party; we’re referring to the unique talent known as Mike Mesmer “Eyes.” He’s known as the world’s most powerful hypnotist, and after 20 years of putting suckas to sleep with just words and maybe a firm handshake, he’s coming to the Miami Improv to place you under his spell. He has the power to leave you completely unaware that you’re lying on the floor, grinning like a fool, or cuddling up with a stranger. He sells out shows in Las Vegas, and if he can amaze the seen-it-all crowds out there, he must be the truth. The show begins at 8:30, and for just 15 bucks, you can choose to become Mesmer“Eyes”-ed or simply sit back and watch. Whatever you do, don’t forget the two-drink minimum. Purchase tickets at the box office or at
Wed., Sept. 17, 8:30 p.m., 2008


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