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Uncle Rash for President

The political process in Florida is screwed up. Miami-Dade votes don’t count. Democrats and Republicans alike use the media to manipulate reality in their favor. Well, Miamians, now is your chance to be heard. Get up, stand up for the popular vote and cast a ballot, even if you’re falling-down drunk. Or better yet, put yourself up as a candidate by entering the August skateboard art competition at Buck15, where the free fourth annual Summer Arts and Crafts series is going strong.

Stop by for a cocktail and a blank skate deck, take the board home and gussy it up, and return it at the end of the month. Throughout the summer, bar patrons will vote on their favorite pieces, and the winner will be awarded a “Buck Night,” complete with a private table, pail of noodles, and $140 bottle of booze. Get there this month to cast your vote in the T-shirt design contest. Cheap drinks and no cover charge on Lincoln Road? Can’t beat that with a bat. Visit, or call 305-534-5488.
Sat., July 5, 2008


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